There you were.

And there you went. Just like that. 

I am not sure why, Four months later. I am not ever going to be quite sure what I did to deserve that.

For months, I was the special one to you. Now, we’re just strangers with memories. Lots of them. 

I think the worst memory I have was the night I broke down on you, while we were sitting on your bed 

and I was sitting on your lap with tears bursting down my face. I was so afraid for you to see me this way, but it happened.

Then, weeks later, you were gone. Gone from me. 

Do I miss you? 


No. I can finally say no and mean it. I don’t miss you. I miss the things you did with me. But I do not miss you.

I am actually quite disgusted by your sight. It’s almost like looking at a beautiful picture with dust all over it. 

Our memories are also like death. You are dead to me now. 

   I’d never want to see you ever again. You made things happen I never expected nor wanted to happen so early.

I was innocent and you changed that for me. I felt things I never wanted to feel so early in my life.

  But this was also my fault because I trusted you and I let you in my heart. 

But, of course like many typical teenage boys, you just wanted my body. Though, I never gave it to you. 

  Is that why you left?

If it is, you really disgust me. You took a girl younger than you for granted. 

Well, karma shall find you and bite you harder than it has before. 

If I do happen to see you out, know that all you will receive from me is a middle finger and a wave goodbye. 



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