Swimming time and blowing stuff up!

Oh yea went swimming today and it was friggan awesome! The water wasn’t cold at all, we got to play volleyball and had a jumping in contest and I got to see XIII in swim trunks! Oh man that was hot! Well, IX was looking pretty hot in his rainbow swim trunks and VIII was rocking the SpongeBob trunks! The most horrifying swimsuit of the day goes to II. He was wearing a superman speedo MY EYES! At least it wasn’t white…oh god the horror!

I rocking the pink flower print, III was making plaid look awesome and everyone else…they were wearing black, blue or red swim trunks, nothing weird or anything like that.

After we got done swimming, we all decided to shoot off some fireworks! Everyone here loves to light off the little fireworks outta their hand It’s just too much fun! Not the big stuff but things like smoke bombs and bottle rockets. Bottle rockets are so much fun, but they turn your hands black and makes them all smelly.We threw those snapper things at each other; not a good idea if your barefoot…oh well it was fun! Just an amazing day!

Signing off


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