My Dad Is Leaving Us

The day my dad leaves is the day i will realize im on my own…. yea there’s my mom an sister but my sister will soon be off to college and then there will be just be my mom and  she will be working 24/7 and ill come home to a quiet home no one to vent to or tell how i am feeling when things go wrong.  And how about my mother what will she do?… An big bed fit for two but one is asleep on it. i mean yeah its nice to not hear him yell and downgrade us everyday saying how were are worthless and how he wish he had other kids but i would rather have that than an empty home with a mom who is almost always gone. Money would probably be tight and my phone will probably be turned off; but that doesnt matter what matters is that i want my family together not separated and falling apart. i don’t know how its going to be if he truly does move down there… my sister will be at college my oldest sister  isn’t home like that anymore…my mom is working hard.. ill come home from school to an empty house no one to talk to for hours… i feel like his leaving is a free ticket to acting up but i wouldn’t want to stress my mom out like that .. i couldn’t do the things i did before always
getting calls home, bad grades, acting up, lying, suspensions, and detentions. im going to want to make my mother proud. Everything about me will change; my demeanor’s and goals.  I cant leave ct because then my mother is officially by herself and i could never do that to her. how could my dad just leave her a father matter of fact A HUSBAND will stand by his wife side; who cares if you think moving is best for retirement. if she don’t want to go then you don’t go. but wont my sister be happy to leave us and be in college have freedom to do whatever… its like were all splitting up going different directions. i just pray that he wont stay there and will come to his senses and stay here with his wife and kids where he BELONGS. i rather not think about this so i guess i can leave off on this note; i pray my family will come together and get closer and my dad wont leave us.

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  1. Hey there, I’m sorry about your family problems. I’m older than you and as a teenager my Dad left, but it was nice without him there. Are you going to stay in touch with your Dad? Either way things will work out, just be there for your Mom. If you need to talk or vent look me up. 🙂

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