Birthday lust

July 3rd was my 16th birthday. I didn;t spend it as usual like throwing a party and stuff. I had to go to my mum’s best friend’s wedding. I thought that it would be just an ordinary wedding, you know food and music. But i was far from right.

I went there and everything seemed normal. I was trying to make new friends as always and be social. Well guess what’s coming next; the dancing. Of course I went out there and showed people my amazing dance moves. Then I went back to sit for a while and saw how everyone was having the time of their lives. So as the typical me I started getting depressed.

I was sitting in the corner in my little white dress and my newly cut and red dyed hair gathering my thoughts, when my bestie called me. That was the time when one of the cute guys came off the dance floor and sat down. He was checking me out from the start and now he was smiling at me. I closed the phone and sat next to him. We were chit-chatting and he was looking me in the eyes and touching softly my legs.

When he said that he wanted to get out of there I knew exactly what would happen. He took me by the hand and we found a nice quiet place where we started kissing. Then he started putting his hands all over my body. It was getting really weird. He was not only touching me from the outside but started to get his hands under my dress.

He was all over my body. Squeezing my butt touching my boobs and trying to take off my bra. He was even trying to please me. It felt amazing but I could’t let him do that. He told me to go to the bathroon and that it wouldn’t take long. But I refused, what else could I do? It was my mum’s best friend’s wedding. Then he told me to sit on the ground and I obeyed.

He reassured me he wouldn’t try to reach down there again, but as a typical boy he did; several times. Then I sat on him. He was hard and ready for anything. But I wasn’t, I guess I could have relaxed and let go. I mean it would certainly be nice but i just couldn’t do that at the particular wedding with my mum around there. So it just stayed as an idea. Something that will never happen inbetween us as he is going back to the US in about 10 days and propably I won’t see him again.


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