My Sunday’s Diary

My diary for Sunday. It’s very nice day here in Chicago and I’m having very relax day. Although I have been very lazy for this 4th of july weekend, I don’t really feel like doing anything today. So I decided to just stay home and having another lazy day. It’s 2:18 PM and I am just sitting down on my couch writing diary for today. Went to church in the morning after two weeks of not and had ramyun lunch that I have been craving for. I still have this little headache from 2 days ago I assume and it bothers me little. Hopefully it goes away soon,

So today, I’m planning to do some organization on things in my life and re-arranged the plans for the future. you know what I mean. I have all the projects in my head and haven’t really make time to think about it. Since everything around me gets really slow and boring, I need to boost up things for me to move forward.

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