Running shit.

So I WAS an avid runner.. in high school. and sporadically after high school. Cross country and training for a half marathon were the only times I ran consistently. I still like running. but I miss loving it.

I found random inspiration. Hah it sounds a little creepy. One of the interns (in a different residential treatment facility) looooves running. He runs 10 miles for fun. It reminded me of how I felt before. He posted a link on his facebook page of some runners website article. (After my run today) I went and explored the site.

It kind of sucks because I’m not in a safe city. I only run on an outdoor running track where I’m safe, and sometimes on Saturdays I drive out to a running/biking area 20 minutes away. But if I consistently run NOW, going back to my school and running where I know it’s safe back on the roads, it’s going to feel great. And I already know of a running group that I meant to join last year but never did. It’s exciting to be able to run in a group again. High school’s long gone (feels like it, I know I’m still young..) but I do really miss cross country. I want to go out an do an easy six mile again.

I’m going to edit this post every day for the next two weeks to make sure I’m still consistent. If I mess up a little and my actual doesn’t match my goal, at least I’m still going.

Mon 7/07: Goal: 30min     Actual: 30min

Tues 7/08: Goal: 25min     Actual: 27min

Wed 7/09: Goal: 20min (speed work) Actual: 20min

Thu 7/10: Goal: 25min     Actual: N/A (sick…)

Fri 7/11:   Goal: 30min     Actual: N/A (still sick..)

Sat 7/12:   Goal: 40min     Actual: 40min

Sun 7/13 Break

Mon 7/14: Goal: 25min     Actual: 25min

Tues 7/15: Goal: 20min (speed work)  Actual: 20min

Wed 7/16: Goal: 35min     Actual:

Thu 7/17: Goal: 40min     Actual:

Fri 7/18: Goal: 20min      Actual:

Sat 7/19 5K Race Day!

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