Today two of my friends are getting married in Iowa. Two other people I know got married over the weekend in California.

No matter where I am the close friends that surround me are all in couples, and it’s just me. For a couple of days I was doing the woe as me, but I’ve tried to look at the bright side for the ones I adore.  They made it! They found the one that truly makes them happy. They are in committed loving for better or worse relationships and that makes me smile, even in the middle of healing a broken heart. I wouldn’t wish a constant failure at love on anyone. I have another set of friends that are struggling..well two actually. I hear about the fighting and how hard of a time they are having. In the past I’ve said why do you continue to put up with that? Now when they vent to me I tell them to hold on, find the good, get in touch with their hearts and stop over thinking things.

We all deserve to love and be loved. Without condition, and without expectation.  To openly give yourself to someone and they in return is  the most beautiful things a person can do.

I hope not for love in the future, at least it’s something I won’t be actively looking for. I will heal, and focus on myself. I will smile at the happiness my friends have found and be grateful that I can watch from a distance.


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