I have been saving money for a new car, for a while.  I want to pay cash for a brand new car or close to it.  I have enough if I settle for a small car with no bells and whistles.  But I would have a lot more if I stop dipping into my saving to fund my projects to keep me busy around the house.  I can not believe today I spent $450.00 and I can not justify what I spent the money on.  A bunch of crafts lol.  I am trying to change my whole house but one area at a time.  Right now I am working on a new side table and remodeling my laundry room.  I have so much guilt because that money was needed elsewhere and if I just waited I could of got everything in due time.  Now I have to pay myself back in installments.  I need to learn patience.  That is one lesson I can  start with today. No more pulling from my savings to pay for hobbies.  I need to make a note of this to keep reminding myself  this new rule. Last Friday I was so proud of myself to hit a mild stone on my budget and today I feel like I set myself back at least 2 months.  This is going to be hard.

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