Realist State of Mind

So as i sit here with a mind full of thoughts, writing my very first entry in this escape from reality, i wonder will i reach anyone? Will my thoughts make a difference in someone else’s life? Could my words cure someone else’s pain, their struggle, their stress, and the answer is, i may never know. I do, in the most sincere way, hope that i could help shed some light on someone else’s situation, maybe help them relate to a current situation i may be going through, so they know they’re not alone. If, just for a second, i can make someone feel any sort of happiness, or relief, then it would all be worth it. That one second of pure, untainted happiness. That could possibly lead to that one moment where they make a different choice. That one day where that choice led to something different, a new experience. That new experience that led to a change in perspective, that ultimately changed their life. It’s funny, you know; my sitting here simply ranting, expressing my inner thoughts of hopes, wants, and simple statements, how it helps to relieve so much of my stress, emotion, and actually makes me feel that much better! The simple action of writing down your thoughts or feelings can create such as escape for your mind. I place of pure serenity, of which can cause such an incredible euphoric effect, of subconsciously knowing your helping yourself, while in hopes to maybe help another! I am new to this site, although i must admit, this is not my first online journal site. It has been many years since i have actually sat down and just expressed myself through writing, or typing for that matter. Actually, i do kind of miss the feeling it gives you. Now, all ranting and blabbering on aside, what drives me to find such a site. I guess you could say i have a large amount of things weighing in lately. To wrap up my past few months in one long drawn out sentence let me simple state my last two months in a list of words: Life changing, birth, new home, first child, stress, overwhelmed, job, wake-up call, family, NEW! ……To be Continued. Thank you for those you take the time to read!   Below is images of my pride and joy!!

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