Religion is a cult
Church is a business
Religion is our fault
We want all your riches

Self-evident truths
Buy our book of rules
A mirage of hope
For a sea of fools

Open your head
Swallow it whole
Enjoy your new life
We now own your soul

Every venomous lie
You inject in your veins
Willful enslavement
Communion reigns

Such good little soldiers
So ready and willing
To do all our bidding
You do all our killing

Your stairway to heaven
In 12 easy steps
Eternal damnation
This nation is blessed


One thought on “Religion”

  1. Even if religion was established to manipulate individuals into acting according to another’s selfish agenda(s), there are certain religions that provide their followers with good insight. For example, Christianity is dedicated to establishing a solid moral compass in order to please your God. With or without that God, the advice and information provided in the Holy Bible can be quite eye-opening. Do not base your opinions on religion off of how the churches & followers of that religion operate. Take the time to examine scripture and you will come to realize that every single bible out there is a wonderful source of knowledge. Be open-minded, hating the concept of religion is exactly the same as hating science. They are both man-made explanations as to how & why we are here! Sure, they have their differences, but everything does. Everyone relies too heavily on law, scripture & opinion- just live life to the fullest in the way that best fits you!

    P.S. You think religion is corrupt, take a look at our government!


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