Sex thoughts

We’ve all been here or eventually will be. There’s a lot of pressure behind lust, satisfaction, desire, fulfillment with sex. I generally won’t go public with it but what the hell.

In your adult life you have to face many responsibilities. The thought of getting that pair of roller skates or that cookie cake for your birthday becomes much missed compared to what you have to face after responsibilities. Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves in our adult life? And than worry about the one of the things that’s naturally given. Sex….

Talk about pressure. And I’m not talking about your first time sex, if your one of the few that had amazing sex your first time well feel lucky. In your adult life, sex can become a big deal when you don’t mean it to be. You will have times that are unforgettable and times you wish you could forget. Than you will have the sex that makes you not even recall the good, the bad and just what was getting you by.

Nothing wrong replaying it over and over and over in your head. There maybe a time in your life that just that thought alone is what’s getting you by. Just a simple thought of how it made you feel. A simple touch that gave you chills. Had you were begging in your mind for more. Thinking about that tight grip onto something cause it felt so good. Every detail role playing in your mind. Heart beating to the the rythem. Felt no pressure or if you were doing anything the wrong way. You were letting what was natural towards that person take over.

What you would do to go back. Than you open your eyes after it’s all done, you’re trying to close your eyes to start all over.

So when that has all ended and no longer exists, the pressure starts all over again. The reminders of bad sex takes over and the thought of even getting on that bike again becomes a lot harder to do without training wheels. But I think there’s less pressure if I just close my eyes. I rather satisfy, desire and fulfill myself.



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