all the wrong choices

I seem to be constantily searching for something to fill this void.  I have made all the wrong choices in my life.  It seems like when a life changing decision was put in my path I choose the wrong one. I am not complaining on where my life is at this moment in time.  I am more disappointed in where I am at because it could be so much more.  I can’t say what void I am trying to fill only that there is a deep emptiness I feel inside of me.  It saddens me to no end knowing I have  done this to myself and no motivation to change.  I can dream of change and can map out a plan to change. But I seem to fall a day late and a dollar short.  Instead I choose to try filling the void with hobbies, more hobbies and projects than I can handle.  I am kidding myself with the illusion of busy work so I don’t have to focus on this void.

Is it Christ I am searching for?

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