To my dad (9/10/50-3/31/10)

It follows me in dreamland

It echos in the air

It fills the empty silence

Your love is everywhere

It sings to me through music

And I dance with you for a while

I’m sure I hear it every morning

In the laughter of a child

I feel it in the sunshine

The warmth upon my face

It hugs me with a gentle breeze

God sends me your embrace

It sparkles with the brightest stars

That illuminate the sky

You whisk the clouds away from me

And whisper, “Please don’t cry…”

It showers down from heaven

And washes away pain

It colors all the rainbows

That follow every rain

It nurtures my two children

And watches as they grow

It’s forever in my memories

And eternal in my soul

~LAK 2010~

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