Tuesday already

It’s been a long time for me to write a journal here. That means yeah I have been pretty lazy. I have to admit. Anyways, it was typical Tuesday. Work till 6 PM work out with Peter on lunch break.
The traffic was okay after work so I got home about 20 mins earlier than usual. Took a shower and went to quick shopping and dinner at Mariano’s. Then I and John went to Mark and Craig’s birthday party at the bowling place on Western. Met some new people and played bowling together till 11 PM. It was pretty fun time. Now I got back home and trying to wrap up the day.

Tomorrow, I have to work on freelance stuffs and it will take pretty much all my free time after work which is fine since I don’t have a lot going on lately. I just have to get back to my own projects and find out how to improve my portfolio site. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but I know it need something to attract people more.

For tonight, I will go to bed after this. Have a goodnight!

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