We are as different as night & day

T’day  went smoothly until after  dinner , of KFC with my roommate’s daughter. My roommate again  attempted to  discredit me. Following his statement of “well, I’m gonna go” I articulated along the same lines when he states , “oh you’re just going to eat & run huh ?”. He appears to do this provokatively  however, I only reciprocated with silence. I find compelled to do this when pushed just so far, after which time he routinely returns in 2 or 3 days later with a better, more positive character. What else can one do when not in any position to relocate nor make an immediate geographical move . I’m hoping to go AWOL to attend church Thursday, I attend a community church session called “Neighbors helping neighbors” or NHN every Wed. & Thurs., this church goes all out to help others in need/or persons on the street and such. I’m not saying I’m on the street but I just like helping others in need, whenever possible.

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