Lesson eight: week eight

Dear Diary,

This is the last week before finals….and I am SO nervous. I don’t want to earn anything less than an O so that when I return home to mum I’ll have made her and dad proud (wherever he is).

Our final lesson wrapped up nicely with some of the challenges that herbologists face while working; Even though we briefly touched upon this in the beginning of the class it talks about the ‘gardening effect’ and the way the herbologists are treated in both the wizarding and muggle world. WE talked about how getting funding is challenging for certain projects which makes me very sad considering how important HAVING the resources we need is to the wizarding community-you think they would open their eyes a little. Maybe I will talk dad into donating some to a foundation or two….it would at least make me feel like I did *something* to help.

Something interesting we also covered was alien species. These include non-indigenous, invasive, introduced, and exotic species. With introduction to these an herbologist faces many changes within the ecosystem its affecting. Usually a seed finds its way to a new environment, makes itself at home, and then takes over. Pretty much what it sounds like.  Mostly its a fight for resources which obviously makes sense.

I am SO tired and I still have hours of study ahead of me for next weeks exams. Wish me luck *blows kiss* goodnight ole friend.

*~Dani D~*

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