Lesson five: week five

Dear Diary,

I’m homesick but I’m trying not to show it; the other day a little creature I have never seen before scared the crap out of me. It appeared from what seemed like the shadows and started cleaning our dormitory. What’s worse is the horrid looking thing was barely noticed by others in the common room….why not!? these things are the weirdest, ugliest, looking beasties I have ever seen (besides the little operators at Gringotts). I keep wanting to ask, but in case I am seeing hallucinations, I’d rather keep my mouth shut.

This week in herbology we focused on RAT ROOT; which is a water plant that grows in relatively moist soil and must be watered every three days, has the following qualities: Abortifacient, Anodyne (relives pain), Anthelmintic, Aphrodisiac (used in some love potions), Carminative, Counters the side effects of hallucinogens, Diuretic, Hallucinogen, Laxative, Otalgic (cures ear aches), and a Sedative.

This plant is perennial and very useful; it cures toothaches, burns, eye diseases, cough, strain on voice. It can also help stroke recovery victims and help strengthen the mind and stomach. Its very universal and can be used as floor covering as well.

For a plant I have lived without my entire life, I have a feeling I’ll never go without this again.

Dani D.

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