Lesson four: week four

Dear Diary,

hello old friend, it’s been a while since I’ve written on you. About a week to be precise…but I’ve been pretty busy with being a beater for Slytherin and taking my other classes as well. I’m keeping you for my own references, but also to show mum at the end of the year how much I actually learned without having to be embarrassed by showing her my messy scrawl in my notebooks and the random doodles I draw.

Today when I went to Herbology we discussed Dangerous plants which was exciting; we talked about the mandrake, devils snare, and Bubotubers and how to handle them or care for yourself/others if you should come in contact with them. By far the most intimidating is the Devil’s snare. Though the mandrake can strike you down with its scream-it only kills once. Devil’s snare will strangle and suffocate its victims, even if there are multiple people.

Rennervate is something Ill have to keep in mind when encountering these…though I am sure hoping I really wont have to.

On the not so scary side, bubotubers can burn on contact but can be cured with dittany and something can be taken for the pain in the meantime. Generally bubotubers are used to treat acne-which is gross. I’m glad I have flawless porcelain skin.

I guess mandrakes deserve a mention as they are pretty weird; they look like little babies and require repotting a couple times. They will eventually mature and try to crawl into a neighboring pot to produce more, these are when they are ready for selling/potioneering. Very interesting. The only way to harvest these in the middle ages was to kill a dog, however, a potion was created more recently so that when you pull a mandrake (with earmuffs on of course) you immerse it in the potion and the crying stops.

One must wonder how ethical all this is…but I’m sure they’ve thought of this so who am I to argue?

Dani D.

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