Lesson one: week one

Dear Diary,

I sat through Herbology 101 today…It was totally lame at first  because I had to sit through the teacher lecturing about what you needed to have in order to take the class. Of course I have that stuff! I am a Danger, it’s not like I’m poor or something, and everyone gets a list of textbooks and materials before the year starts so whoever forgot something is just plain stupid.

I started to pay attention a little more when the professor mentioned that herbologists aren’t taken very seriously, that they are considered ‘herbies’ or ‘gardeners’ in the wizarding world which made me think of my aunt sue and I snickered to myself. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be taken seriously though, even though their job is relatively peaceful and relaxing (from my experience) they do a lot of very precise work and without it we would be at a loss for ingredients and wouldn’t that stink!

We went over the basic equipment which of course I mentally checked off as he drawled on; wand, check. Dragon-hide gloves, of course…only the best. Dad bought me some dragon dung, mooncalf dung, and centaur tears in Diagon Alley this year which was nice-I had no idea until this class why he’d done this.  I always carry Dittany on hand, I don’t own any open-toed shoes, and of course I have a mask, and apron gloves.

My dragon-hide gloves are one of the rarest breed of dragon; I guess a perk of being rich in this world-though I wouldn’t know until this year. Father told me though, that they would be the envy of the class. Dragon dung is far more nutritious for plants and scentless which is why I don’t mind keeping a sack of dung under my bed at night. mooncalf dung came in a smaller bag and I didn’t understand until class today-apparently its used for more fragile and sensitive plants and is also quite nutritious. I wish I had more centaur tears however, because now that I think about it I’ll probably need it a lot in this class and I have very little. I’ll owl dad about that tomorrow.  Other than that I had a great day, a little boring but I’m hungry now-on my way to the Great Hall to chow down with some good people.

~Dani D.

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