Lesson seven: week seven

Dear Diary,

I’m nearing the end of the year now-only two more weeks and I’m a second year!!! wow this year flew by. I can’t wait to go home for the holiday to talk to mum about all this. Today we talked about nonmagical plants and why/how they are necessary.

It was a very interesting lesson to me because I found out that these nonmagical plants are actually quite useful; not only are they are nourishment (hello  veggies and fruits!), but they also neutralize potion ingredients, and then there are the miraculous (and not so miraculous) scent of things that also contributes to things like lotions and perfumes. I was pretty interested in this lesson but I believe its because I grew up in the muggle realm of things…and I am used to what the affects of a lily, or a rose may be.

I have taken the liberty to write down the following in my notes, and I will paste it here as well:

Roses are good for:

1. Eye diseases/ (as a tea) and to treat cataracts (from skin of the roots)

2. Burns

3. influenza

4. Stomach problems / as a digestive stimulant

5. Diarrhea

6. Chronic finger sores

7. Snow blindness (with an eyewash using petals, stem bark, and skin of the roots)

8. Astringent/ for skin lotions

9. Sore throats

10. Treats rabid dog bites

11. To stop nosebleeds

12. To ease muscular pain/ antispasmodic

13. Antidepressant /ease depression and anxiety

14. Used in love potions

15. Can decrease kidney stones

16. Menstrual regulator (may be mixed with motherwort for cases of heavy flow too)

17. Helps with kidneys

18. Cleansing properties

19. Anti-inflammatory

20. Source of vitamin C

21. Seeds are diuretic

22. Seeds are a laxative

23. Potions with dried petals treat headaches

24. Soaking a cloth in cool rose water may be applied to the forehead to help treat headaches

25. Scent in potions may relieve colic (muggles may use Rosehip tincture)

26. Eases a cough

27. May be used to treat dry skin

28. May be used in a potion to relieve itching for women

29. Combining Rose water with witch hazel makes a potion to help clear up skin with pimples/acne

30. Adding rose oil to bath water helps ease grief, and sometimes insomnia as well

31. Rose tea helps relieve stress

32. Has been used to prevent scurvy by consumption

33. Eases colds

34. Eases fevers

35. Decreases swelling of puffy skin by compressing with rose water

36. Scent in some potions may induce sleep

37. Can help regulate blood thickness

38. Rose oil is known to be antiviral

39.  Rose oil is known to be antibacterial

40. Rose oil and rose water are known to be Antiseptic


Even without magic lilies and roses share healing qualities with magical plants. I had NO IDEA! This made me very excited….I have tons of roses at home! I wonder if mum has them for these very reasons! Probably! but I never bothered to ask because I never knew they were anything more than something beautiful to look at, and something sweet to smell.

Dani D.

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