Lesson six: week six

Dear Diary,

This week we learned about Aconite, Worrmwood, the Bouncing Bulb, and Gurdyroot-not all of these were interesting or exciting (in fact I dozed a bit until I was caught¬† by the professor! I’m lucky I didn’t get detention!) The two more interesting and useful of these plants is Aconite and Wormwood.

Aconite is very poisonous but a beautiful plant that flowers, where as wormwood is more of a weed looking plant. Wormwood which is in a lot of potions (Draught of the Living Dead for instance), grows in more salty regions and this is speculated because of its bitterness and sorrow thats related to the plant. Wormwood is also a very good tool for digestive problems (which I did not know) It also treats a variety of other problems (like fever, lovers disease, and gall bladder problems). Aconite is fast acting and is used in potions to sedate or poison. There is an antidote, which is purely plant based, but still the person poisoned is expected to seek help of a professional healer.

The least exciting of the things we learned today was that of the Bouncing Bulb (which can grow to the size of a doorway and needs to be subdued by magical charms), and the Gurdyroot. The Gurdyroot is said to ward off evil with its smell. Gurdyroot is hard to grow because of insects who find the smell offensive gnawing through its stems, so its expected to be protected by a charm if grown. Bouncing Bulbs seem very useless other than aggressive protection of an area and I’m not quite sure why they’re grown. Maybe Ill look into this at the library.

Dani D.

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