Lesson three: week three

Dear Diary,

Boy has time flown! I’ve made so many friends this year and I was worried because people seem to have a negative outlook on the house that I was put in. My mother is a witch (albeit a squib) and my father is a pureblood Danger. Mother lived in the muggle world most of her life because of her lack of magic, but I am pure-just out of place. Still, I keep my head down and I trudge forward. Everything here is so interesting and new. I wish I had grown up with dad more, but his job always has him away.

This week we learned a lot in herbology; we talked about some basic herbs and fungi. Fungi is a really funny word isn’t it? lol anways, my favorite is valerian root because I knew about this plant in the muggle world. I didn’t know it was used for things in the wizarding world but a lot of things are so I guess it makes sense. Valerian root is a sedative in the muggle world and is used to calm a person down in the form of tea (or valium). Wizards use it in a similar way, brewing up potions for sleep. Valerian root is beautiful, with its white flowers and very attractive to cats-which I did not know until today.

Gillyweed is a very weird plant; it thrives in moderately alkaline waters and the person who consumes it actually sprouts gills. It is speculated that the effects of gillyweed wear off in about an hour, but some argue it lasts longer in salt water than it does in fresh…which is very very cool. It is also said that consuming gillywater gives the drinker a nourished and refreshed feeling.

Knotgrass is an ingredient in polyjuice potion; a potion that allows the user to become the person of their wishes (with a few other ingredients as well). Also it is used in a decorative manor, in a way to cure urinary tract issues and fertility problems. I have never heard of knotgrass before but it sounds like I should get my hands on some for sure.

Finally, today in lesson we spoke of Dittany and its great healing powers. Considering my wizarding profession will involved potions and I plan on having children I always keep Dittany on hand. My father shared this beautiful plant with me years ago, but before he told me it was a magical plant my mother had it too. I remember seeing it stored away in the cupboard and wondering what it was. Now thanks to the professor I do!

I’m going to owl mum now and let her know what happened today! Goodbye beautiful leather bound friend.

Dani D.

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