Lesson two: week two

Dear Diary,

My first week at Hogwarts has been a little trying; its hard work but all very fascinating and so far I am doing well. I am just anxious about what the rest of the year looks like. Today, in Herbology we learned about quite a bit. It was all a lot to take in but thank goodness I am so good at taking notes because the professor talks pretty quickly. We touched upon the care of some plants as well a their uses in potions which was very interesting to me because of my love and passion for the potions subject.

The professor is really weird, he talks about plants like their people but if they were people wouldn’t they have some rights? Instead of being butchered and placed into potions? Just a thought…but he did say that was one of the biggest questions when socializing in the herobology field which I guess makes sense. Some plants grow here, under these conditions while others do not. Understanding why they do not grow under such conditions can place someone at an advantage to be able to know how to imitate the climate or soil nutrients in order to coarse the plants to grow. Pretty simple stuff though.

We talked about repotting and how its a milestone for both plant and herbologist. I don’t get it, but maybe when I do it myself I will. Also, I had no idea but apparently plants migrate and adapt to where they go-of course this affects the fragile ecosystem it comes into.

A few major plant ingredients in potions include but are not limited to: mistletoe berries,

·  Wolfsbane/monkshood/aconite, Valerien sprigs/root, leaping toadstool, knotgrass, peppermint, root of aconite, poppy heads, Shrivelfigs, and rose thorns/oil. Some others may include: asphodel, fluxweed, lovage, motherwort, nettles, nux myistica, peppermint, silverweed, and snakeweed. These all have various uses in potions and ointments, as well as scent related uses in things like lotions or perfumes.

I took notes in my herbology “let it grow” notebook on the site because I thought this lesson was pretty useful. I wonder what we will learn next week. Time for Chorus.

~Dani D.


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