The Casual Sex

Bed buddy, friends with benefits, the one night stand that happens more than a few times and the no strings attached kind of sex. It can happen to the best of us. But what does it all mean? There’s nothing wrong with having casual sex with that one person you trust. It’s not like you’re sleeping around with just anyone. There’s always that fear of getting hurt or let down. One or the other will eventually move on. It’s like that saying ” have your cake and eat it too”. One person has the emotional attachment while the other is looking for the next best thing. But the meanwhile, you’re using one another for the sex. And in a million ways that is so wrong. Everyone has different feelings about sex. What it means before, during and after. It’s the after effects that messes you up.  There’s no one to blame for the mess except for yourself.  So why do I do it?  Cause I can’t help but to feel that feeling. That feeling that feels so good that you can’t find from anyone else. I know it’s going to hurt but for right now, I’ll pretend that I wont feel the mess. In reality, it’s better to have a clean break, you can reset yourself and heal. Instead of leaving it in a mess that will cause chronic pain. But I’m not ready for reality.


To to be continued…….

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