Do Not Giveup

Is it a waste if you now your place and you just leave it here, right where it is now. Should you give up or should you just keep chasing footsteps. Even If it leads you nowhere. It’s scary to think that in the end you will end up alone and exactly where you’re at right now. It’s hard to think that you’re suppose to wait and see what happens.

“It is what it is”

I’ve always felt lost in those words. Never knew what it meant and still don’t. I don’t think there’s a definition exactly but your own. You make the definition for yourself. But by no means does that mean to give up. You were right there, so close to the meaning than someone gives up. An even though it seems like a far reach and feels like it’s too far a away to see, you will never get anywhere if you give up. Never let go of anything or anyone you have worked so hard for. You create your own success   It’s who you are. It’s who you will continue to be. It’s who you want to be. You just have to pick up the pieces and put it all back together. No matter how long it takes, the pieces will eventually go back together. You will have to make sacrifices, difficult decisions and you may loose a little bit along the way, but just know you will never get lost if you don’t give up. And no matter what, there’s always a way to get around whatever is blocking the way. By the time it’s all put back together, whatever is waiting on you at the end is worth every struggle you had to face. Just don’t give up.

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