Life, Boys and moi :P

Dear Whoever,

So, i haven’t written, in quite sometime.

So i just realised something. People actually care. even if they don’t quite know you personally, they do care. All this time, i was forced to believe  that everyone leaves, and that no body really gives a damn, but now. its like I’ve been lying to myself all this time. 

The guy, I’ve been crushing on feels the same way. I didn’t say anything because he also happened to be my best friend. I guess, everything is falling back into place. I know it will. it will take hellah a lot of time. But I’m gonna wait 😀 .. 

So lets name my ‘Crush’ .. Uhmmm… Jake? Nah. Caleb? Nope. Oh i got it! Lets just call him ‘Code red’ haha.

So.. Code red, hasn’t asked me out yet. and i don’t think anything will happen right now. We are just trying to stay friends, even though i really want him to. Im just scared. I was brought in a totally different environment and culture, and if my mom, or even dad gets to know, i will most definitely be slaughtered 🙁 .. but i am a teenager! Sometimes, i more confused about my self, than i am with life.


This post sure was super long. Im gonna stop now.

xox CrazyCrazy 😛

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