Lesson eight: week eight

Dear Journal,

I’ve been working very hard on creating an original sort of experimental spell; the only thing my ocd brain can come up with is the sorting spell. The way it works is very simple, and I thought my mother would also quite appreciate something like this in her wizard homes that she cleans (she’s a maid). I thought about it for hours, and even a couple days while I was day dreaming during my other courses and this seemed like the best route to take.

This is what I wrote on the parchment:

Charm Name: The Sorting Charm

Description/Summary: This charm would be helpful for the modern witch or wizard who prefers order and organization in their lives. The idea is to be able to sort things into similar groups of the same things (ie files, tacks, magnets, etc) so that you don’t have to go looking everywhere for where these items may be. You must point your wand at a 90 degree angle in front of you and hold it firmly; utter the phrase, “Quaedam Similter”, and mentally picture the items in the places they should be in. A correctly done spell will result in various objects flying around the room from their various crevices and hiding places, and coming together in a place of your desire in organized groups (ex hey look there’s that change from the couch, that I lost the other day!).

Incantation: Quaedam Similiter pronounced: [Q-wah-dam Seem-lee-ter]

Wand Movement: Point wand 90 degrees from your body, and flick it upward (as if to lift said objects into air) and jab to the right or left (the direction doesn’t matter because the items will show up in the places they belong in).

Focus Component: You are required to actually physically picture the object of desire (especially if its not directly in front of you) while you are uttering the incantation.

Willpower Component: The willpower you put into this will result in a more effective spell.

Concentration Component: You require great concentration to correctly practice this spell (especially in lost items or items that are in different rooms). It requires a persons full attention until said charm is completed and only works on items you can imagine clearly in your mind’s inner eye.

I hope it will be good enough though I wouldn’t know because I’ve never tried to create something like this before; what I am sure of however, is that it does meet every component and for that I hope I will be greeted with exceptional marks.

Today in class we mostly did a review, I didn’t really pay attention during this because I feel like I’ve got cabin fever or something. The days are getting more and more beautiful and all I can think about is relaxing on the grass, with the wind blowing against my hair and face. I have been studying on my own though, and when final comes next week I should be well enough prepared. I am confident enough in the notes that I take.

The final part of the lesson resulted in a couple of charms that are harmless and can be practiced often (though I don’t understand why as we wont be able to practice at home thanks to the Statute of Underage Wizardry). I’ll give it a whirl though-why not? I mean, if it’s going to be on the final then at least it will be somewhat useful. Here they are:

The Warming Charm(u)
Incantation: Focillo
Wand Movement: 
“Slow clockwise circles that continue while you concentrate.”

The Chilling Charm(u)
Incantation: Infrigido
Wand Movement: 
“Slow counter-clockwise circles that continue while you concentrate.”

Guess I’ll get to work because I have a ton of work for just about every class before finals next week. I am really counting on being able to have a relaxing weekend before they hit. Wish me luck Journal.

Dani D.

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