Lesson five: week five

Dear Journal,

I am so nervous because I just submitted my midterm; I wrote about my favorite charms but I hope I didn’t forget anything or leave anything out. I should be able to relax knowing that my grade til this point has been exemplary, so even a small pock on my record wouldn’t be much-but it’s the principle. I worked hard, and I always leave something out when I’m testing. I’m such an airhead when pressure is involved sometimes.

Today in class before the midterm (which is another thing that distracted me as I had more to take in before the test) was focus (ironic huh?) and how important it is to focus and channel your magical energy into your spell. Admittedly I am getting much better at this, and though no one will necessarily pat me on the back-I’ll do it when I’m alone. No one ever showed me magic before I got here, and honestly I think I’m getting very good.

We learned the Sever charm and the softening charm today; I don’t think I could find a use for either of these and they seem like rather useless spells. So I didn’t include them on my final. The severing charm seems like it would only fit a seamstress’ needs, and I can’t really think of a good use for the softening charm. It seems like a pretty ridiculous charm to me, but I digress…I shall practice them this evening.

The Severing Charm                                                                         The Softening Charm

Incantation: Diffindo                                                                             Incantation: Spongify

Pronunciation: ‘deef-IN-doe’                                                              Pronunciation: ‘SPUHN-jee-fye’

Wand Movement: “V-Shaped down and up,                                   Wand Movement: “S-Shaped with a small  half-way through”                                                                                      swish ending with a swish in the direction to cut.”

I’ll close it with that this evening because I have a headache and want to lie down. Good thing Stubblez is so cuddly, he makes me happy.

Dani D.

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