Lesson five: week five

Dear Journal,

I got my grade for final-it was horrifying and mostly because I chose two spells from the same lesson and forgot a few things here and there that I thought were merely insinuated in my paper. NO FEAR however, I have dealt with the loss and moved on-my grade for the class is still impeccable and so I haven’t let this one small failure set me back. If everyone gave up after their first failure, a lot of the world would be screwed completely-wouldn’t they?

The professor talked about will power today which made me laugh inappropriately and get points deducted from my class; I did not however expect anyone to hear or see me but I guess it was written all over my face. “Applying your will to affect a spell is like pushing on a heavy box, but with your mind.” I lost it, couldn’t help it. This is probably the corniest line I have heard in any of my lessons all year. But I digress, the point behind the lesson was that focus is important to some spells and not so important to others. Also, that the more willpower you put into a spell the bigger the reaction when/if said spell backfires.

To my disappointment we addressed the levitation charm again this week. Though I knew it was bound to happen, I’ve already managed to perfect that one and so was not  very interested. As I was up late last night practicing something for another class-I ended up losing Slytherin some more points by falling asleep during the lesson. To further my problems the professor sent me to the Hospital wing to make sure I didn’t have anything wrong with me because obviously I wasn’t paying attention.

I missed the rest of the lesson but a friend of mine gave me the rest of his notes….it was just the sticking charm anyways. Something I find quite useless unless maybe we were hanging from a cliff in a dire situation and needed to make a staircase of rocks. Seeing as I don’t plan on venturing to any cliffs any time soon, I think it’ll be okay if I don’t practice these as much. Can’t remember every spell after all, but I will practice it at least a little so I can fake my way through the final.

MMM pumpkin pasties. . . that’s all for now.

Dani D.

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