Lesson one: week one

Hey Journal,

Today was my very first day of Charms at Hogwarts! I was really nervous at first but when we started the first lesson, I started to relax immediately because the professor seemed really reasonable and the subject seems very interesting. It also helps that I already took history of magic, because the two tend to coincide with one another. As I did very well in history of magic I plan on doing just as equally well in this class. I wouldn’t want to upset my father, or rather-his mother who funded my adventure here to Hogwarts.


After the professor announced by Schedule for the Year, I jotted it down:

Lesson # Topics Spells
One Introduction, History, and Ancient Foci Lumos, Nox
Two Accessing Your Power Flight Charms
Three Wand Properties and Movements Alohomora, Reparo
Four The Spoken Word – Incantations Incendio, Locomotor
Five The Importance of Focus Diffindo, Spongify
Six Applying Your Will Wingardium Leviosa, Astrictus
Seven Concentration and Determination Lumos Solem, Lumos Numerosa
Eight Putting It All Together Focillo, Infrigido
Nine Final Examination & Teacher Evaluation ???

After that we went over a brief history about how muggles (thats nonmagical people) think magic is fake/legend because muggles and witches/wizards didn’t always see eye to eye with each other. I find it interesting that the witch trials were actually quite useless because of something called a flame freezing charm, which allowed witches/wizards to enjoy a tickling sensation as they faked a gruesome death. Then the International Statute Statute of Secrecy, which was introduced in 1689, made it a little harder to do magic around muggles.

Also on top of the government that the muggles serve under, I now have a new authority to look forward to…the Ministry of Magic. Apparently they are a wizarding government, that does what it can to conceal our world and protect the rules of our kind. I’ll have to do more research into the Ministry, I always heard about my father working for this place, though I am really shaky on the details of what he might do. Maybe I’ll owl him tonight and ask.

Oh yeah! We talked a little about wands today, but I hope we find out more. I guess I will end this entry here today, as I have several things to do for homework, I have to read, and of course…now that I’m here at Hogwarts (and allowed to) I’m going to practice lighting and extinguishing my wand tip!

Dani D.

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