Lesson seven: week seven

Dear Journal,

Today I absolutely lost it but I was in the back of the class (thank god) so I didn’t get into trouble (or maybe the professor went easy on me today because the class is almost over for the year) The professor started talking like YODA from the muggle STAR WARS movie. I think I may have been the only one other than two more people who realized this, and I wonder to myself if he did it on purpose or if it was by mistake.

Today we touched upon concentration which is not required in very many spells but it only really requires two things: one is keeping your concentration on the effects of said spell,  and finally keeping your  concentration and intent on the object you are focusing on. Last I thought concentration was focus, but the professor explained that its focus over time.  Two examples of spells that require lots of concentration is the Patronus (really cool! cannot wait to do this) and more simply the severing charm.

More interestingly we talked about Spell Modifiers which are small modifications that can be made to a spell to make it work correctly; this includes the locomotion charm because you usually include the object when you say the spell…for example “locomotor trunk” and the trunk would float. Another example of this is the wand lighting charm of Lumos. You can make it brighter (sunlight charm) and you can conjure several small lights (dancing lights charm).

The Sunlight Charm(u)
Incantation: Lumos Solem
‘LOO-mos SO-lem’
Wand Movement: 
“Single counter-clockwise loop ending with the wand pointed toward the target.”

The Dancing Lights Charm(u)
Incantation: Lumos Numerosa
‘LOO-mos Noom-air-O-sa’
Wand Movement: 
“Single counter-clockwise loop, then several rapid counter-clockwise loops.”


Now I have something fun to do on a rainy day (or sooner so that I can get it down before the final…JUST IN CASE it might be on there). Now I really have to go, because I really should have made it to the Great Hall to meet Steve by now.

Dani D.

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