Lesson three: week three

Dear Journal,

This week we talked about wand properties and movements but I felt like I knew more about these topics going into the class than I did coming out of it; meaning that I didn’t learn anything new and I felt like this was redundant.

Wand Length: 10″

Wand Flexibility: Unyielding

Wand Wood: Rosewood

Wand Core: Phoenix Feather

It is fairly smooth, but the handle is carved into a perfect geometric spiral and ceases at the end of a small spherical ball that I usually rest in my palm. The wood is obviously a light wooden color with a red tint to it, and it is large for my small hands but easy to maneuver. On the small sphere, where my palm usually rests there is a small gemstone with my initials, I like the way the cool ruby feels on my hand. It is true perfection.

Again we briefly skimmed magical limitations and how not all witches/wizards can recite multiple spells and charms from memory because its a very detailed and intricate process. I do however, plan on practicing as often as I can while I am at school, and perhaps when I take my O.W.L.S or my N.E.W.T.S I’ll be able to make both my parents very proud of me.

The two charms I’ll be practicing this week (on top of the levitating one which I’ve just about got down), are the mending charm and the unlocking charm.

The Unlocking Charm                                                                                   The Mending Charm
Alohomora                                                                                      Incantation: Reparo
‘al-LOH-ha-MOR-ah’                                                             Pronunciation: ‘reh-PAH-roh’
Wand Movement:
“Backward S curving up at the end”                             Wand Movement: “Inward pointed spiral”

“To mend a simple break, such as from a chipped mug, the caster must simply say the proper incantation and make the correct wand gesture while picturing the mug as undamaged. The image doesn’t have to be exact, but the caster should at least have an idea of what the thing they are repairing looks like undamaged.”~Professor Lecture

I walked away from today feeling curious and confident. One day I will do great things, and I am FINALLY on my way to doing them. Watch out world! Here I come.

Dani D.

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