Lesson two: week two

Dear Journal,

I had to talk about my wand this week which was really exciting because I’m very attached to the little guy; honestly I would give it a name but I don’t think that would be considered ‘normal’ wizard/witch behavior and so I just keep that thought ALL to myself. I managed to make it through my first week here at Hogwarts, which I’m not going to lie has really been an amazing feat. I came into this world knowing absolutely nothing (well maybe a few things here and there) but now I’m starting to ease right into the course work of just about all my classes and I’m feeling adjusted.

I’m so happy I got to bring my cat Stubblez with me; he’s pretty old (13 years old) and mum got him a while back, he’s not a kneazle like the cool cat that I see sometimes slinking in the halls. He is a Russian Blue pussycat, but he’s been my best friend since I can remember and he likes life here just fine as he has seemed to have adjusted better than I can say I have even.

This week in Charms we learned about the source of our magic; which seems to be a pretty up in the air subject considering no one really knows where it came from. We talked about a few theories in the History of Magic class that I have but honestly, no one is truly sure. We talked about muggles, what it means to be a wizard/witch, and then I heard it….Squib. After I heard the description of it, I thought of mum and my heart sank. I immediately felt guilty that I had gotten to come to Hogwarts when she must’ve been dying to come as a child. After that, I wrote a poem and a loving message and I owl’d it to her with a school owl. I hope she’ll write back soon.

In class we learned about flight charms (and there are quite a few): to begin there is the hover charm, which allows the caster through touch to move an object either up or down. The Rocket charm, this is a limited charm that allows the object to be blasted up or down with controllability based on your effort. Then there is the floating charm, which can levitate an object more controllably  but seems useless as it only moves things up and down. Finally there is the levitation charm, which I have been working on to get it down precisely. It allows freedom of movement; back, down, left, right, etc. The only thing you can’t charm with this is a human, but boy can it come in handy!

The Hover Charm                                                        The Rocket Charm
Levioso                                                        Incantation: Alarte Ascendare
‘Lev-ee-O-so’                                        Pronunciation: ‘A-lar-tay a-SEN-day-ray’
Wand Movement: 
“Inward Spiral then Up”             Wand Movement: “Quick Swish at the End”

The Floating Charm (u)                                                            The Levitation Charm
Fluito                                                            Incantation: Wingardium Leviosa
‘flew-EE-toe’                                         Pronunciation: ‘wing-GAR-dee-um lehvee-O-sa’
Wand Movement: 
“Jab and Upward Flick”               Wand Movement: “Swish and Flick”

If I can ever get these right they’ll sure be handy, especially the levitation charm! Gram will get help with degnomings until the day she dies! Mum will get more help around the house too, because let’s face it, if I don’t have to apply that much physical effort (or touch old food) then that is FAR more appealing! With that-I shall go practice!

Dani D.


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