Love is a complicated thing. As a line lingers in my memory “all great things boil down to love and death” and I believe this to be very much true. It may be true but I think that we as humans love too much. It is complicated as aforementioned  and we cannot help it as it is indeed human nature. Many people might try to run away from it but we are human beings and that is what we do. It cannot be helped or stopped, although once you start loving it is a difficult yet great thing. How do you know if you are in love? Is it a feeling a little death do you part to help them can conclude or do you just know? I have two mind sets. One for the bitter realist and the other a optimistic believer. The first is the bitter; just to help later bring out the sweet. Anyway, this is that love is not a true feeling. How do you know you are in love; there are so many people out in the world that once loved someone and the next second it’s gone. Now you may say and are thinking that that person was not truly in love. But the next lover comes around and the same thing happens, you think it is true love each time but every trial turned out to be an error or, more appealing to say, a complete failure. You may never know until “the one” comes along. Then that “the one” isn’t just what you thought. This won’t end and you may never know. My second mind set; love is love and it is great and the closest thing to magic. It makes you crazy, twisted, desperate, lusting, hate, and many more thousands of emotions and feelings. In the end those are all what makes love great; everything that comes with it. When you love you just do it. Love is love and no words can come to any conclusion with the mind and the heart to describe it. I’ll leave it at that.

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