My Monday Diary

I had unforgettable weekend last week. Extreme dehydration that caused my whole upper body cramped up so bad and passed out on the street for like 10 mins lol and very fun standing paddle and skating meeting on Sunday. It’w always fun with people in skating group!
It’s almost 8PM sitting on my couch and writing diary for today. Work was okay just same as one of those days. work out on lunch break and call from Loren that I didn’t really expected. So now I have to get back to Jessica to move forward. I don’t know how it’s gonna work out but it seems like it’s worth to give it a shot. so that’s that. Still haven’t got back to Joe yet I guess I will call him tmw morning on my way to work and the new project that I briefly mentioned to Fred. For this project, I really need some good developers in the team to move forward and I’m trying to see who I can get on board. Well actually I need to plan out and organize stuff first which will take some time. Because all I have right now is just a concept lol

Michelle asked me to have a dinner tonight but I decided not to go cause I need some time to get things organized tonight and I feel really lazy to go out lol. So now it’s time for organization!
Hope your Monday was fabulous!

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