I’m haunting you…

Hehe aren’t I so creative? Nah, I’m just not in the mood to come up with anything considering I’ve been on full RP mode on quotev with one of my friends! “Practice today was the only thing remotely exciting that happened today. I finally got my kicks down! Thanks to XII. No need to be so brutal with my legs though, they’re not supposed to stretch all the way over my head!…Oh well! I got my kicks down and thats all that matters!

The rest of the day was pretty much spent playing dead island, watching tv, or watching dan and phil on youtube. I LOVE THEM! They’re so funny! Seriously, imagining thor is coming at you while swinging his hammer while you’re laying on the bed?! I’m never looking at thor the same way again! If you havent seen their videos you need to, trust me its worth it!

I wish the weather would warm up a little though. I wanna get a decent tan. Believe it or not, it’s impossible for me to tan! Even if I burn I still look like a friggan ghost! I’m haunting your house (insert ghost noise here!) WAAA A GHOST!!…I’m in a weird mood.

Signing off


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