Year Two; Lesson one: week one

Dear Journal,

I’m back in charms again this year; mostly because it’s a required course but it is also very interesting so I’m not complaining. Especially because I did exceptionally well last year. My break over the summer was relaxing and uneventful and I can’t wait to get into the flow of working again.

With that said we were discussing magical objects in class today which was very interesting and (since last year) has not been anything new to me. My grandmother for example has many magical objects in her home, such as a self-stirring pot because the woman can not actually for the life of her cook. More commonly, and rather entertainingly my father got me a quill last year that takes really humorous notes.

An item I typically use often however is my self-lighting cauldron for potions; it is made of plain ole regular pewter but is bewitched to light upon request. I bought it in Diagon Alley where I bought most of my potions ingredients and equipment.  Mostly it makes lighting the cauldron (warming it) a lot less of a hassle, and has several other instructions such as temperature increases and decreases. It comes with an instruction manual which I haven’t fully gone over, but its one of my most useful magical items.

can’t wait for the next class because I actually knew what was going on this year! last year I felt like an alien in an alien world, but this year I felt waaaay more comfortable. Maybe I’ll actually make another friend or two this year….well-off to care of magical creatures!

Dani D

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