Ten Things I Could Never Tell You

Ten things I could never tell you.

Thing number one: I long for you. I crave your presence. I crave your touch, your kiss. 

Thing number two: Your voice sticks in my mind all night. But, I am too shy to call you.

Thing number three: I want to hold your hand in mine and walk forever, talk forever.

Thing four: I want to tell you every secret about me. Every single one.

Thing five: I want your arms around me when I’m doing little things, like surfing the web on my laptop or while I’m drawing a picture or talking to you about something. I want to feel your arms around me.

Thing six: The things you say to me can make me smile the entire day. The distance is so hard, I want to be able to see you everyday.

Thing seven: You’re what I wished for while I was a little girl. 

Thing eight: Your bed, that’s where I want to be with you. Under blankets and your arms wrapped around me as well spoon together.

Thing nine: I was afraid to get this close to you, but now its the best connection I’ve ever had with another friend.

Thing ten: We’re best friends and I want to kiss you. I feel like if we did, it’d be magical. I want to laugh together. I want to share stories while your arms are wrapped around me, that’s what I long for the most. Our friendship coming alive. 


– n.e


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