Very First Start

  1. I just woke up from a long deep shit, uh I mean: sleep. At this hour 2am, well actually I woke up since 12am but it takes time to regain all the strength I have into some sort of motivation to re-joining myself after six-degrees of separation. Well, then it takes to hours for me to fit back to my fittest mind condition. I was browsing anything, cuz browsing is the only have fun way I can do at this hour. Truly I wanna take a ride, but baby it’s cold outside and I got nowhere to go. Then I found out an idea to start journaling / diary in a different platform. Well yeah I have started a journal diary on my own, but it’s private and I dont have any plan to share this journal diary even to my beloved friends and family even after when I’m gone. I’ll keep it private. Sorry, honey. But I was thinking to start a journal diary mean to be public so that anyone can have time to read it, IF, they are interested.

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