Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I know you will never read this, but I know if I don’t say it I will go crazy. l love you with my entire being. You are the man who raised me most of my life, and the person I always thought I wanted to be like when I grew up. I see now how oblivious I was to your flaws. I search desperately for the man who raised me. You now see me once a month but couldn’t care less if it were only once a year. I see you with Ally and yearn for even part of the love I can see you have for her. Never did I ever think a father could literally like one child more, but now I see clearly that it has happened with me on the less liked side. I don’t need anything from you anymore. I know you were getting tired of that daughter that was never good enough. All I ever searched for was a hint of you being proud of me, but I could always be better couldn’t I? You don’t even care that your girlfriend doesn’t like me, or that I hate it here with your sister. Why can’t I just live with you? There are no excuses now besides the fact that you don’t want me. You want the truth? You’re not a good father but you still want all the credit for me and my sisters. I shouldn’t have to hate my life living with my aunt when I have a father who works and makes money and doesn’t spend it on anyone but himself. I will continue to smile and never let my baby sister how much you really hurt me. She sees you as a good person and lucky for you I don’t want to show her how dark the world is when you see the truth. Get it in gear or I’m gone. I am tired of the pain that shouldn’t be there.

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