Finally got some time to rest

It’s been very busy week. Had to do something every day after work till today. Had a dinner meeting with skating group people and went to visit one of my friends from college. That was actually really sad. He’s only 24 or 25 years old and he’s dying from cancer. I felt really bad to see him yesterday night and didn’t really know what to say. Things that I normally say to my friends is not really make sense to hime cause I might not see him ever again. Colin texted me about that and we decided to go with Eddie and Ken. Drove about an hour to North West side of Chicago to see him.
I feel really sorry for him and wish the miracle happens to him…

Today, I came right back to home after work. Work was okay spent more time on coding on new project. worked out on my lunch break as usual. Had dinner myself and did laundry. It’s almost 9:20 PM and I’m already on my bed. feel really tired and am ready to go to sleep soon. Just been thinking that I should be happy for what I have now and that I’m health.

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