Find the Light

Cutting is an escape. I cut when I don’t have a lot of time to handle things, or when things become too much. I know life is a gift, and never would I take my own life or some other persons. I think about dying and all the pain going away, but I am patient and cutting works. I try not to cut, the blade calls to me at times, but I am becoming stronger. I see the light in the world, but dark is always lurking. My life is dance I feel no pain when I am dancing. When I can’t dance or life has surprised me I cut, and it feels good. I am good at hiding it but I realize it is because no one cares enough to notice. My family is oblivious to all the pain I feel. Cutting is a way to keep it to myself. I want to go back to where I belong. I long to be wanted or loved. I try to stay positive. The more hurt I feel the harder I try to make the people around me happy. I’m not wishing for a better life, I know I am stuck here. I am wishing for everyone to remember that I am here for them no matter how much I hurt, because I know how to cope without needing someone else there.

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