Yesterday’s update following this mornings sayings

Yesterday he called me to ask me how much was the gas that I put in. Then I told him that it is good that we have a full tank of gas but now I have no money to go anywhere. He was in the car with his friend. So he told me to go to my mothers house or go to the park with our son and then he said shake your tail feather. That was odd when he said that. So I went to the Dollar General to pick up a few things. I went to pick him up from work and I told him I went to the store to pick some things up. He told me that i’m already spending his gas. I told him you didn’t pay for it. It was free so you can’t say anything. He said if it wasn’t for me to call you to come and get it we wouldn’t have gas. So I said and what?. ¬†Then he tells me that he doesn’t like my attitude lately. That tells you that I’m dealing with no ones bullshit. He mumbled something that I couldn’t really hear but I know it came out that himself. Then when we parked I told him he needs to start up the lawn mower. He said why do I have to? I said cause you left it out all night and now it wont start. He didn’t care. This morning I woke up late and I had to take him to his job instead of me dropping him off to his friends house. But he was cooking breakfast for himself and he said next week is hump day. I said yes and? He said i’m going to give him ass. I told him no. he said yes you are. I said do you recall me telling you that you are not getting that until you give me what i want first?…He doesn’t want to do what I want sex wise but I have to do what he says in the bed room.

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