Dear My First Mentor

Hmmm where do I begin… well I met you in 6th grade, you were my Science teacher. At first me and you didn’t get along, I would always talk during your class and not do my work, we would always argue. Then one day in the computer lab, we were working on a program and you were going around checking on us, and you came up to me, hugged me and said “Yay you’re the first person to do it right.” And I don’t know, I guess because you showed me effection, I didn’t feel the need to be disrespectful to you. Since that day I started liking you and trusting you. You were the lady I went to when I was having a problem. You were the mom to me when my own mom wasn’t there.


7th grade I wrote you a letter telling you the day before that my mom was driving home drunk, and we almost got into multiple accidents. And how I thought about suicide a lot. The day after I gave you the letter we were in the counselors office talking about it. I was pissed, I just wanted you to read that note. Then during an assembly we were having, you came up to me and asked for my dads number, I didn’t give it to you. But after school I did. So you told my dad and someone told CPS an they got involved. My mom hated me for telling you the things I did. She looked like a bad mother. And she hated you for telling.


8th grade you didn’t really talk to me, and I needed you because my mom talked all this crap about you, and I didn’t know who to believe.


Summer to 9th grade you moved to a different district, so there was no communication, and I needed you. We went to court, and i walked into the court room and i saw you sitting there, i freaked, and I find out, you’re helping my dad try to get custody of me an my brother. I was pissed. Oh I felt SOO betrayed. I was SOO hurt. I had my mom and my Grandma talking in my ear saying you were a B***h and that they hated you and how I should hate you. I was so confused. I finally had enough and put my head phones in. Then my dads lawyer came and called me and told me to go with her, so I did. She took me next to the court room doors and you were standing there with my dad, step mom, and dads mom. I was stunned, I had all these different emotions. Then we went down stairs for privacy, I wanted to run out of the court house. We stood by these doors and you were talking to me like you didn’t just betray my trust. I couldn’t look at you, and Just when I started to calm down, my grandma came and asked me if I was ok, I had to go back into hating you mode. I said I was fine and she left. We kept talking til my mom came down and said we were leaving, I ran to the car. My mom and grandma chewed me out for talking to you, I couldn’t help but cry. I needed you!! People were talking all this crap about you saying you didn’t care about me that you were just using me. And you weren’t there for me, so of course I believed them. You weren’t around.


10th grade I got in contact with you and we talked about all that happened, how I trusted you and that you loved me and cared about me and wanted What was best for me and couldnt live with yourself if someone hurt me or if i hurt myself. And you told me not to believe what people say about you, because they don’t know you. And moving to new districts wasn’t to leave me behind.


I finally understand why you did it. You wanted what was best for me, and you didn’t want me to get hurt. I don’t hate you anymore because I know the reasoning behind why you did it. And I’m thankful every day for you. I don’t believe people when they say it’s YOUR fault we went to court, because it not.

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