RUN! I pissed off II

I am in BIG trouble now! I pissed off II! He is terrifying when he’s mad. I’d rather I be mad at me than II! What did I do to make him so mad? Well…he kinda has the right to be mad at me, but it wasn’t all my idea!! VIII, IX, and XII helped!

What we did is II was sleeping on the couch and it was too good a moment to pass up! He was sleeping on his back, his head hanging over the arm rest and his mouth was open with drool on his cheek! So we all got some markers, makeup, glue and anything else we could find and drew and wrote all over him. So mature right?

By the time we were done with him he looked like a glittery smurf and an oompa loompa put together! Was that enough? NOPE! XII went to get his camera, took a picture of his face and we all used the computer to photoshop his face onto a ducks body! Far enough? NOPE! We set the picture as the computers background, printed out millions of the pictures and posted them all over the house!

When he woke up and saw the pictures and his face he wanted to kill us LITERALLY KILL US! He chased us with a frying pan screaming that it would be the last thing we see. It was kinda hard to take seriously at the time because of his face. Running and laughing at the same time is really hard to do. It got even worse when he tried to wash everything off and it just smeared! II didn’t just give up after he stopped chasing us oh no. He’s one of those people that will get his revenge and he’ll do it slowly and sneakily.

And it won’t be something like punching us in the face during “practice”. That’s too easy. That’s what makes him so scary. He won’t just yell at you or hit you like I would. No, he will make you wait and squirm until he finally gets back at you. I’d rather be yelled at or hit in the face than deal with whatever he’s planning.

Signing off


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