VII cares about me?

I’m just as surprised as you are. I never thought I’d see the day when VII said something with genuine emotion toward me! Story time!

I was in my room very VERY upset and confused. I guess everything that’s been bothering me lately, constantly being yelled at by I when I accidentally do something wrong, learning new stuff for “practice” the constant pressure and everything in between just kinda piled up. Back to the story!

I was crying in my room and I thought my door was closed because I’d slammed it after getting yelled at by I for the thousand time that day. But I guess I slammed it a little too hard because it opened back up a little bit. I guess VII had heard me crying and invited himself in my room.

At first I was kinda mad at him because I thought he was just there to make fun of me for crying, but he asked me what was wrong and I could tell that he was actually concerned. You know how you can tell when someone cares about you or not, just by looking into their eyes? I could tell he was actually concerned.

So I told him everything while crying and leaning on his shoulder, he actually listened and offered advice! That’s something I’ve never seen him do! He’s usually with I yelling at everyone or secluded somewhere in the house. After that we went out to eat. Nothing fancy, we just went to Mcdonalds. We weren’t really close before, but now it’s like we’re best friends! Today turned out a lot better than I thought it would!

Signing off


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