Weekend Story

It was good Friday. We played spades and of course I won. Then we made love and that was good too. Saturday morning woke up good. We both cleaned the outside. I cut the lawn which I like to do and he weed wacked as well. I finished then I had to take a shower and get the clothes to the dryer. He said did you have to take a shower? I said hell yes of course. I wasn’t going to go stank and sweaty to the laundry mat. He said who do you have to impress? I just looked at him. I was hoping and praying that day wasn’t going to get any worse. SO as the day went on. In the early afternoon he made me a nice chicken salad. It was good too. We went to the store to pick somethings up and he asked you want to go and hang out and our friends house. I said sure why not. We only had our little one with us. SO we went and us girls ate blue crabs and shrimp and some sausages and potatoes. They had fish but didn’t eat fish. We all played some spades. My all time favorite game. We went home and our kids called us to see how we were doing? So he got on the phone with them and asked who left the xbox on? Our middle son forgot to turn it off. So he had the nerve and tell him a lie that the xbox doesn’t work anymore and made our son cry. So I got on the phone and told our son don’t worry about anything just go have a great time with your cousins. He said ok. I hung up the phone and told his ass off. I told him that he has a problem messing up peoples happy day. He said what do you mean? I said well every time someone wants to have a good time you have to mess it up. Our son is with his cousins and they are leaving soon and you have to make our son cry? You know how sensative he is. He blew off. He said no one tells me to say anything to my kids. I said well if you are wrong I will tell you. He said do you have a problem with me? I said yes when I know you are wrong. Then he made the conversation about us again. About if i’m not happy. This man has a second side of him. He brings up that our 6 year old son is always going to be disabled and not walk or talk or do anything. I told him you are telling me that you lost faith in our son? He said no he lost faith in God. I said well the reason is that you dont pray and you don’t talk to God your self. He said is he punishing me?….I said no. God gives us special needs children to the ones that are strong and that who will take care of them. It’s all in the genes or if it is hereditary. And thats why I am and will get some answers. That will be another entry. Then he brings up that if I feel that my parents are carrying us? I said well my mother already told me that she was and I don’t like it. I wonder sometimes if this was a good move that we made or not. I see that he has a lot of anger in him, but that has nothing to do with why him and I are having issues. Like I said it was great two days straight then again a fight on Saturday. But then again he said don’t go to bed mad. I said I don’t. But then again he was fine like nothing ever happened. Sunday morning was ok too. But I woke up with a sore throat. I asked him did you have a sore throat? He said yes why? I said cause you gave it to me. I have a sore throat that is bothering me. Then he turns it around that he doesn’t and that he didn’t give it to me. But the only thing I hate is that he keeps on coming up to me and kissing all over me and saying that he loves me. It’s annoying me. We had a discussion on Saturday night that he brought up about my two friends that doesn’t want to hang out with me cause of him. The friendship with one is dead. Don’t care anymore. But my other one I do care about cause we have a special needs child. But she told em she didn’t like the way that he was treating me. But she still never came through. He said that even though she didn’t like the way I was treating you then she still could have came by. I said no not really cause it will feel ackward to her. You need to understand about women. Women are very different then men when they know something isn’t right. She had her own issues too and he said well thats when you need your best friend the most right? I said yes but with her I guess not. Well that issue I will also make another entry.

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