Dear Notaz,

Hello, even though I know you are not going to read this I still felt like writing it. Notaz I’ve been though thick and thin with you and I can honestly say that you have made me a stronger person than I was before. Now I know being all lovey dovey isn’t your thing, but this letter is just defining what I truly feel about you. the day I met you was a total mess, I still remember the pick up line you had to get at me; ” Well hello there ladies. ” It made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t believe you were seriously trying to get at me in a liquor store. We didn’t hit it off at first but time by time we started taking to each other and I stared to get feelings for you, I knew that you didn’t have feelings for me just yet but something about you just made me like you so much. The undercover narcs even pulled us over the night we met, it was so awkward when they were going though your pockets and patted you down, I kind of got mad. Days passed and we were hanging out a lot, we had sex and it felt different, I didn’t know what to think.. things were happening so quick. Until you found out I had a boyfriend… we turned into strangers basically.  Around the time we stopped talking I got pregnant, and my sister and I knew who the real baby’s dad was and it was you.. I didn’t keep our baby because I was in love with someone else and I made someone else believe that they were the father of my baby.. I left you all alone, I knew you would’ve took very good care of me and you baby but I had to do what was best for me and having a child at 15 was the right thing to do, so I had an abortion.. now I regret it because I did it for nothing now we actually want a child and it’s hard for me to get pregnant again. It’s sad how I can’t give you what you want.. I want a baby too but especially I want a baby with you because it would complete our lives we would be so happy because we finally have something to  call ours and we created it together. Notaz, I think what I’m trying to say is that, thank you for saving me before I was going to end my life.. thank you for showing me the rights and the wrongs, thank you for listening to me, thank you for being here for me the most.. I couldn’t ask for anything else babe.. I love you so much, be careful..


Xoxo, Nenahtaz

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