I’m a planner and can’t handle this right now.

Two weeks of this internship left, then the 10 hour drive back to home- my aunt’s couch.

I have to figure this guinea pig shit out. Yes. Guinea pigs are actually causing anxiety right now. That sounds so comical. Hah hah, fuckyou.

(past prob)PROBLEM 1: My MALE (1 and 2) guinea pigs are staying with T back 10 hours north. FEMALE guinea pigs (3, 4, 5) are with E 7 hours north, at school. I do have five guinea pigs. I didn’t intend for that. Petsmart sold me two male guinea pigs, and one wasn’t. Five guinea pigs. That’s problem one.

(past prob)PROBLEM 2: Momma 3 with E apparently had a miscarriage. E had the traumatic experience of witnessing such. I don’t want to think about it. But that cost extra money for her to get new fleece.

(current probs as follows)PROBLEM 3: Guinea 2 turns out to be not a male. Babies. Two of them. With T. AGH. SEVEN GUINEA PIGS I HAVE. T did not separate the male 1 from female, so she has a chance of being pregnant again. Extension of problem- someone was supposed to pick up male 1 from T but she is unresponsive to any text. Male not separated, still. Female most likely definitely preg.

PROBLEM 4: Since female has high chance of being preg since male can impregnate as soon as a female gives birth, I cannot CANNOT give her away to someone else. That’d be shitty. I don’t want to do that to someone. Multiple pigs are expensive. I can’t take care of another pregnant pig and have more babies to deal with. Poor piggy needs to go to humane society, I’m sorry piggo 🙁

PROBLEM 5: Actual male pig NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE. Either be picked up by the one dude who wants him or humane society. But then problem here is, maybe not? Maybe I can give the male away with one of the male babies? ……..

PROBLEM 6: I WON’T KNOW IF THERE’S A MALE BABY FOR THREE WEEKS. (when I’m able to determine sexes of the pigs)

PROBLEM 7: There are two people who def want my pigs. That other dude, I don’t really know yet. But A and N want my pigs. A wants a baby. N contacted me before summer but she was out of the country til we’re back at school. I told her two males (back when I thought those were two males.) Now, I say two females. But that was thinking about giving away the mom too. but now mom’s prob preg, and I can’t do that. So she’ll get a female that is staying with E, and possibly one of the new babies.



All the while, I will only be home (on aunt’s couch) for one week. All of this will be determined in less than one week’s time, since that’s about when I’ll be able to tell the sex of baby pigs. I’m going to go to a vet this time to be sure. I hate not knowing all the answers right now. I want to plan it out and be certain. I hate hate hate uncertainty.

All I know is I want my two female pigs. Donut (the first mom) and Sugar. Yep, I picked favorites. Sorry. I had to narrow it down from seven.

My two original pigs were Duncan and Donut. (get it?)

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