My Crazy Head

I don’t even know how to start but I have to get my thoughts ” out there ” or else I feel I will go crazy. I have a wonderful husband who loves me, who worships me , who I can trust completely and who has given me a life where I don’t have to work and have all my basic needs met. The problem? 1) I can’t talk to him. He cannot carry on a conversation or retain information or even understand what I am saying. He’s not stupid by any means, he has a Bachelors degree in Engineering. I don’t know whether he is socially stunted or just burnt from years of being overly 420 friendly, chronic even. I must add when I say I can’t speak to him, I mean not about ANYTHING. If I say anything to him, I usually have to repeat myself slowly so he catches on. Example: him; hunny, where’s the dish soap? Me : under the sink.  Him; what do you mean? 2) All he wants to do is sit in front of the tv playing video games or watching movies, all the time! He never wants to go out and do anything, and that is not an exaggeration. We don’t go anywhere anymore. He used to take me out on weekends , now almost never. We haven’t went to the movies since last year. I beg him to go places just for something to do, he refuses or sulks to the point I get angry and no longer want him to go because he will pout and whine and make the experience miserable for me. 3) we used to be intimate several times a day . Now I’m lucky if it’s once every three months. His excuse? ” I’m lazy”… Mind you not me, him! So in a nutshell, we can’t talk, have no life and are not intimate. But he loves me. What now? I’m going crazy!

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